Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Week Without Sugar is Sweet

Happy almost Friday!! I just wanted to check-in with you all about how my 21 Day Sugar Detox is going.

Well, I've got to say....I thought I would miss this:

Lina as Elmo circa 2009 Halloween

...but in reality, it's actually been REALLY simple! How? Well because the answer is always "no." There is no questioning of, "well i've had a really good/bad day so...." or  "but these are the best doughnuts in chicago," or "I have a fever and the only answer is more cowbell err sweets." It's easy. A craving comes along, I acknowledge it, and move on. Honestly, it's really liberating not to debate each craving with myself in my head. It's empowering to just acknowledge it, and continue on with my day.

In this past week I learned that everyday at 3pm I crave sugar. So, to combat said craving this has been UBER helpful:

Coconut Butter is the most AMAZING sugar craving battler!! It's naturally sweet with fairly little carbohydrate and it's chock full of healthy fats that satiate you quickly (seriously if you try to eat too much, you will feel nauseous. Gotta love nature's portion control)!!

Woah! I'm writing you at 3:35pm today and I just realized I missed my sugar craving all together today - my detox is working woo woo!!

If you are interested in participating in a Sugar Detox, I'm in the process of putting together my own protocol! Holler at us if you want in and we'll keep you posted with materials!

Scott and I are off to a yummy dinner tonight at one of our favorite Brazilian Steak Houses - Texas de Brazil! Stay tuned for a recap post tomorrow.

Have a great day!

~Scott & Lina

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