Monday, September 10, 2012

Post-Mudder Monday

Hey Everyone! So we survived!! We participated in a Tough Mudder this past Saturday and came out on top! It's so surreal that the first conversation we EVER had was about Tough Mudder and now, almost a year later, we've completed one together.

Since nutrition is such an integral part of our lives, we'll talk about what we ate while talking about the actual event. Without further ado, Mudder weekend play-by-play

Friday September 7th, 6:45pm:

 Trader Joe's Kobe Beef Burgers, Baked Sweet Potato Chips in Olive Oil, 
and Sauteed Mushrooms

Fueling up the night before is just as crucial as morning of. The night before a heavy workout session, it's good to top of glycogen stores with some natural, healthy, glucose based carbohydrate. In our case, the sweet potato. Plus you can never go wrong with some heart healthy grassfed beef for protein!!

Saturday September 8th 4:15am:

Organic Free Range Eggs cooked in Coconut Oil, Avocado, 
and Black Coffee!

This our go-to breakfast for Paleo champions! Protein and fat provide the body with long burning energy so that we wouldn't bottom-out mid race! Also, coffee is just a must...especially at 4:15am...woof! We kept this meal nice and plain and simple, so there would be no risk of it coming back up ;)

After breakfast, we drove 2.5 hrs north close to Sheboygan, Wisconsin for the race. Scott is quite the awesome driver, so we managed to get there in about 2 hours while listening to 2Chainz, Kanye, and some other awesome sauce rap to get pumped up for the race! 

7am We arrived at the Course!
 Scott, Arpun, and Alex (our team) walking to sign-in

Scott getting his number written on his forehead

 7:30am Mandatory "Before" Team Pic

Scott, Lina (with seksi hot pink compression sleeves), Alex, Arpun

We look surprisingly awake and excited!!

At 8am our heat (the first heat of the day) began!
We chanted the Tough Mudder Pledge, got pumped up, and ran through orange smoke at the start line. The race consisted of lots of running, obstacles, and opportunities to face our fears. We climbed over tall barricades, jumped from high heights, walked through fire and smoke, and got 2 opportunities to battle it out with electricity.

Approx 10:30am
We completed the 11+ mile course, and ran through the final gauntlet of electricity. On the other side of the finish line we were handed mudder tees, our coveted orange sweatbands and (non paleo) beer to celebrate the 2.5 hrs of hell we paid for and put ourselves through

Mandatory "After" Team Pic
Alex, Lina and her crazy electric shocked hair, Arpun, Scott

 I think we look just as happy, if not happier in our "after" photo. And we're definitely covered in more mud!!

After the race we stuck around for a little bit, watched some other people get shocked and then cleaned up and drove home. Scott and I had one thing on our minds....well for me it was food...for Scott it was Notre Dame football and food battling it out for top priority.

I settled on Lilli's Q dry rub ribs and a salad for lunch...Scott went with Piece Pizza and Beer (falling into his 20% of non paleo food choices :p)

Overall, we had a GREAT time racing with our team. We accomplished a challenge together and as a team, faced our fears, and got an awesome workout! I'd be lying if I said that nutrition wasn't part of being able to fully enjoy the experience. Because we fueled properly, no one was lagging behind because of lack of energy, no one was wanting to vom on the course, no one's stomach was upset with eating the wrong foods. We provided our bodies with the proper nutrition, so that we could get the most out of our Tough Mudder experience. Oh -- and the best part about fueling for can still be pretty darn tasty!!

We wrapped up our Saturday evening with watching College football, some DVR'd shows and an AMAZING "Milk Shake"

Scott's Chocolate Coconut Milk Shake
*1 Can Trader Joe's Light Coconut Milk (mixes easier than full fat, only reason we used light)
*1 Scoop Vitrol Vanilla Egg White Protein Powder
* 2 heaping tablespoons of Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
* 1 tsp honey
* Ice!

1) Combine all ingredients in the blender
2) Add Ice and blend again
3) Split into two cups and enjoy!!!

We can't wait to share photos from the course with you as soon as they become available! Have a wonderful  Monday and stay tuned for a fun bite sized chocolate dessert recipe coming at you later this week!!

~Scott & Lina

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